• Image of GH60 Satan Kit
  • Image of GH60 Satan Kit
  • Image of GH60 Satan Kit

The kit features a white PCB supporting a massive variety of layout options, Under-glow RGB, and In switch LEDs. The kit also includes a multi-layout aluminum plate (in grey), and a full set of stabilizers (1x 6.25u, 4x 2u). A case is required for use. Basic Plastic cases can be purchased here and will be shipped with the keyboard.

Assembly is available for an extra charge and can be added here.

The Keyboard will be shipped wrapped in bubble wrap inside a strong-walled box.

Can currently only be ordered inside North America.(International shipping to select countries will be available at a later date)

Pre-order boards are usually 2 weeks out or less.

Keycaps and other items pictured not included


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