• Image of Key Switch Springs (10-pack)

Cherry compatible switch springs available in several weights and 2 finishes (steel, and the much-loved gold). The weights listed are the bottom-out weights with the exception of the 150g which activate around 150g and bottom out around 165g.

These springs are sold in 10's and ship free with any switch order.

Springs can be installed in any ordered switches with the installation service.


  • Gold (62g)
    0 in stock
  • Gold (67g)
    53 in stock
  • Gold (80g)
    83 in stock
  • Gold (150g)
    22 in stock
  • Steel (60g)
    52 in stock
  • Steel (62g)
    14 in stock
  • Steel (67g)
    0 in stock
  • Steel (80g)
    51 in stock
  • Steel (150g)
    32 in stock